Bad Dawah Tactics

Written by: Hamzah Moin

We are all ambassadors to Islam. The way we spread Islam can have a big impact on our non-Muslim friends. We can either spread it in a subtle way or by going the whole nine yards. However, the following are things we should stop doing while giving out dawah. Yeeeech.

The Horrendous Vocab

Do research on your audience. This is terrible:

Non-Muslim Female: Hi there… I’m Tiffany. I’m interested in Islam… *reaches out to shake hand*
Fanatical Muslim: I don’t shake hands with kafir scum. Especially kafir girls. Actually girls in general. Astagfirullah.
Non-Muslim Female: But –
Fanatical Muslim: Illicit touching is of the kufaar. I pray that the kufaar will burn in hell and all the kufaar females become eradicated before they whore themselves to innocent Muslim males.
Non-Muslim: Uh…
Fanatical Muslim: Now what is it you wanted to know about Islam?
*Non-Muslim runs off crying*

Courtesy and manners is key. Unfortunately the so-called learned people seem to lack it nowadays though.

The Haram Factor

In Islam, nearly everything is Halal until proven otherwise. It’s sad to see people make it appear the opposite.

Non-Muslim: Okay I’m ready to be a Muslim. I’ll join up. What do I have to do?
Muslim: No pork. No alcohol. No sex before marriage. No interest (mortgages etc). No gayness.
Non-Muslim: But…
Muslim: Shut up. Now hurry up and convert so you can dump your kafir boyfriend and get married to me so I can impress my friends that I married a convert.
*Non-Muslim runs off crying*

The Blame Game

So here I am, chatting it up with this other Muslim brother after Juma when he gives me this smackdown of a tidbit.

Random Muslim brother: Yeah so I applied to McDonalds right…
Hamzah: That’s nice. *rolls eyes*
Random Muslim brother: I know but get this… they DECLINED me.
Hamzah: You must be TOO talented for them. *rolls eyes*
Random Muslim brother: Yo, listen! I think they saw my name on my resumé and noticed that I was Muslim and threw it out.
Hamzah: You’re on to something. *rolls eyes*
Random Muslim brother: Yo man this kufaar society is against us man. I hate them all.
Hamzah: Rolls eyes. *rolls eyes*

After 9/11, the spotlight was firmly on Muslims. However, being famous doesn’t always have its upsides. When the spotlight is on you then people start talking. That’s probably why celebrity marriages last as long as Ramadan… some people just can’t take the spotlight. Muslims are like the same way. The spotlight is now on us…

Because of September 11th, people start asking us queries about Islam because they think we’re the guilty party. Based on the wonderfully non-biased news and media, it’s our responsibility to clarify what Islam is REALLY about. Peace, tolerance etc. It’s our chance to spread the good stuff. Instead, people blow this opportunity by playing the blame game and making up stupid conspiracy theories.

Here’s what a non-Muslim thinks about September 11th.

Here’s what a bizarre Muslim thinks about September 11th.

Say for example, you’re playing basketball or soccer game and your team loses. The classy people brush it off and reflect on the loss while the sore losers say things like “OMG the referee was biased”, “OMG the net was too small”, “OMG I couldn’t run, my hijab was on too tight” and more stupid excuses. My beef is with people who make crappy excuses and pins the blame on others without educating people about Islam first.

Now I’m not saying to stop believing in this stuff. Some people really dig it and I’m sure there’s some truth in there somewhere. I just think its lame when people blow good dawah opportunities to confuse the hell out of people who think these theories are stupid to begin with. If they think your theory is stupid then they will think Muslims are stupid. Don’t make Muslims look stupid. Shut up with the conspiracy theories. Keep them at the dinner table or movie theatre.

The Moronic Character

Sometimes having a good character is dawah in itself. However it could be the opposite. If you’re a complete jackass then it sorta screws up the perception of Islam now doesn’t it? We need less kafir-cursing, guns-a-blazin’ folk and more likeable characters in our ummah. People of the past were likeable. Why are people so rude today? *runs off crying*