Before Ramadan; During Ramadan

Ramadan is in the air. Which means we go through a teeny bit of transformation…


Before Ramadan:

Haven’t we all belted out our favourite songs at a stoplight, despite being tone deaf?

During Ramadan:

Haven’t we all belted out our favourite surahs at a stoplight? So long Zayn Malik.



Before Ramadan:

Thanks to Twitter, many of us forget what a filter is and instead tweet out our stream of consciousness or share opinions nobody cares about for the world to see.
tweet1 tweet2tweet3

During Ramadan:

Thankfully in Ramadan, at least our tweets have a more spiritual purpose.


Grocery Shopping

Before Ramadan:

Seriously, grocery shopping sucks. Look at this guy, trying to get through his wife’s grocery list. He’s bored to tears. Another night of Paleo spaghetti that he’s not looking forward to.

He might just be demonstrating how to scratch an itchy wrist using one’s head.


During Ramadan:

The get-some-things-for-iftar shopping trip can be a bit of a disaster. Sometimes we might make some creative choices for dinner.




Before Ramadan:

When we’re not taking pictures of other people taking pictures of food, Instagram was usually a place where irrelevant people posted irrelevant musings about irrelevant things.

During Ramadan:

Perhaps it’s the hunger or perhaps it’s the complete disregard of time zones, but people have some compulsive reason to post up their sahoor/iftar/Taraweeh-snack shots for reasons known to no one.

My theory is that our phones have become sentient and now must be fed by taking pictures of people’s food. After all, our phones were fasting all day too.

I mean I just don’t understand the wisdom in posting something like this when people on the other side of the world could still be fasting:

My apologies if you’re still fasting.