Creeping Islamophobia: Con-damnation

Written by: Hamzah Moin

Whenever I feel a writer’s block knockin’, I tend to turn to the comment section in online newspapers and Youtube for inspiration. There is nothing more ignorant and hilarious than the comment section. This article dissects one comment that struck a cord with me:

“But, does Islam teach that it is okay to lie to non-believers in the interest of Islam? So how can we take what you claim as the honest truth?”

So basically no matter what we say to counter this statement, you’ll never believe it because you think it’s a lie? Damn you caught us. Our 1400-year-old secret is up.

A lot of Muslims are going to be upset with me… I mean when we signed up to be a Muslim we all made a pact to never reveal this secret. Yes… all 1 point something billion of us were in on this together. But you caught me and I’m coming clean. We have deep dark secrets in our religion and we were hoping you non-Muzzies wouldn’t figure it out.

I mean with so many people converting to Islam, there sure are in for a surprise:

Yeah, because that makes a lot of sense. If you think Islam is hiding some deep dark conspiracy, then your tin-foil hat is probably on too tight.

“As for [sic] as main-stream Muslims thinking the radical Islamic terrorists does not reflect the views of all Muslims, then why is the main-stream Muslims NOT publicly condemning the actions of the Islamic terrorists?

Really? Have you really subscribed to all these mainstream Muslim organizations’ mailing lists? Doubt it. Acts of terrorism suck not only because innocent people die but also because my inbox gets spammed by every major Muslim organization condemning the latest hoopla out there.

Mainstream Muslims condemn actions of ‘Islamic terrorists’ all the time. According to my spam folder, maybe a little too much. If there were such a thing as over-condemnation, Muslims would probably be up that alley.

Why do Muslim organizations condemn everything? Yawn. It’s getting redundant. Muslims aren’t terrorists, blah blah blah. Honestly, I think Muslims need to stop condemning every single terrorist attack that happens in the name of Islam and just make a generic condemnation letter template to save time.

I have made one below (use the drop-down to fill-in with whatever is applicable):

To Whom it May Concern,

We, the Mainstream Muslims, are utterly disgusted and saddened at the actions that took place killing of innocent

We condemn these acts of terrorism. has no place in Islam. We offer sincere condolences to the loved ones killed or injured in this incident.

Only a strong demonstration of will show those behind the attacks that they will never achieve their goal of


the Mainstream Muslims