Help Hamzah Fundraise a Multi-Faith Room


What on earth is this Hamzah? Why are you bugging me?

I always wanted to do something cool in Ramadan… like a fundraising thing for my local community, but getting the whole world involved. I’m crazy like that but that’s why I’m a maniac.

Working in a Hospital these past few months, one that primarily deals with patients and families at critical moments in their lives (Palliative + Rehabilitation care), I started to realize that more initiatives around the hospital are needed to cater to the hyper diversity that is the South Scarborough community.

Yeah, but I thought y’all love public healthcare. Don’t my TAX DOLLARS pay for this?

Not exactly. Public funding only covers the raw basics to make the hospital function. Extra stuff like specialized employee training, new cafeteria space and yep, even prayer space has to be fundraised.

Wait, it’s a Catholic hospital?  I’m Muslim/Christian/atheist/Rastafarian … will my beliefs be compromised?

Not at all. Providence has always been open to patients of all backgrounds and the patient base is growing amongst the immigrant population. Building a prayer space that is accessible by people of all faiths and backgrounds is key to their mission.

I sort of get it, but convince me more

1) It’s a cool inter-faith thing ☪️✝️. Local Muslim community helping out a Catholic-hospitals and stuff. That’s COOL!

2) It’s helping local Toronto community. It’s AMAZING we spend to all these global relief efforts and local Muslim stuff and we need to KEEP doing that. However, if we dig deep into our wallets, let’s also remember to take care of our own backyard… our community.

3) You can be featured in my book / future book in some capacity… that should be incentive enough, right?

I’m non-Canadian, and you’ve intrigued me. Can I donate too?

Sure can amigo/amiga. We welcome your foreign money too.