Hijab Can Save Your Life

Written by: Hamzah Moin

One of the biggest dilemmas a Muslim girl will face in her life is the decision to put on a hijab. It is understandable why the decision is tough. There’s always some strange people out there who like to tease. They’d say “lol is that a napkin on your head?” “lol nice hair … not” “lol you like my ponytail? its better than yours” etc. Also sometimes the family of the Muslim girl will give problems like “lol you call that a hijab?” “lol what are you doing daughter… I do not approve of this” etc.

For those unaware what the hijab is: it’s basically a covering a woman usually wears that covers everything on her body except hands and face. The head scarf hijab is the most common type. The hijab is also said to come with modesty (hayaa). Even men have a hijab (modesty thingy) but for now let’s just stick with the women’s hijab as they are the ones that have to go through the tough decision of donning the hijab covering in this mean and scary society.

Well I decided to post some proofs as to why the hijab could possibly save your life.

People can’t pull your hair with a hijab

This one is pretty obvious. Having long hair is common for most females and this could prove dangerous in a lot of cases. What happens if you are walking a dark alley and some strange man starts pulling your hair. I mean the stranger will let you go eventually but it will hurt a lot with him yanking your hair all over the dark alley.

*whistles* “Hey Missy, nice hair”
“Don’t call me Missy! And I use Herbal Essence!”
*whistles* “Lemme take a whiff sugar”
*screams* “NO!”
*Stranger yanks hair and starts smelling it*
“Ohhhh yeah”

With a hijab on, your hair is under a nice scarf and people can’t recognize how healthy (or unhealthy) your hair is looking and if they ever have the urge to pull it then they won’t have any grip. Having hair pulled = painful.

Your hair is more flammable without a hijab

Although hijabs can be quite flammable, hair is even more flammable (especially since a lot of us come from cultures that encourages us to massage our hair with oil).

Take Cindy here. She is a convert however since she befriended a lot of Indo-Pakistani Muslims, they pushed her to become a doctor unfortunately. She too is deciding on whether to wear a hijab or not.

Uh-oh… looks like she made her decision.


You can spot your hijabi friends in crowds more easily

Sometimes in large gatherings it could be tough to spot your buddy. Luckily, the hijab pinpoints your friend’s exact location. It also helps if she’s wearing a neon-green hijab.

If Waldo’s girlfriend ever converts to Islam then that series of books is a goner.


If you are ever falling from an airplane, your hijab will save you

Sometimes in life we tend to fall from airplanes or helicopters for unknown reasons. Typically, one would fall to their death but a hijabi can use her hijab to parachute to safety. Ta-dah.

Bad hair days suck and hijabs can prevent that

Have you ever been late to school/work and didn’t have enough time to turn on the light in the washroom so you just showered/brushed teeth/fixed hair in the dark? No? I’m sure it has happened to some people. The result: this.

*shudder* If only she wore hijab. Then that hurricane of a hair would become this:

Isn’t that better? Much more tolerable.

People are less likely to eat your hijab than eat your hair

Occasionally, blood-thirsty zombies will come walking about and feed on your hair. The best way to prevent this is to wear hijab. Hair-eating zombies = scary.

Hopefully the Muslim girls who are in limbo whether or not to wear hijab will consider these factors. Hijab = safety.