New Cereal Causes Uproar

Written by: Hamzah Moin

A new Kellogg’s cereal has stirred a lot of controversy in the Muslim community. Last week, Kelloggs’ new Honey Fruit cereal called “Muslim” has upset many practicing Muslims nationwide.

“We thought that naming a cereal after Muslims would ease the tensions that happened after September 11th” said a Kellogg’s representative. “We wanted to increase our market share by catering to the Muslim audiences.”

All wasn’t quiet on the Muslim front however. Abdullah Malik, a local Islamic school teacher was dead-set against the cereal. “When I saw my children eating this cereal I threw the bowl on the floor” he explained. “Why should Muslims eat other Muslims? It is against our religion to do this.”

Malik started an anti-Kelloggs rally soon after the release of the cereal. Since then, “Muslim” cereal sales had dropped by 45%. “We did it. We showed them that no one wants to eat Muslims” said a local picketer.

However, this story does have a happy ending. Malik and Kellogg’s came to an agreement. Kellogg’s decided to drop the Muslim cereal in favour for a new one that is pleasing to Muslims:

“Special Kafirs is just an amazing cereal” Malik said. “I’m proud of being a Muslim and I’m glad Kellogg’s has reached out to the Muslim community”.