Right-Wing Terrorism Rising

Written by: Hamzah Moin

OSLO, NORWAY – The surge of right-wing violence erupted with yet another violent attack perpetrated by right-wing terrorists.

Right-Wing organizations were quick to give a generic condemnation response. “We condemn the shootings and terrorist attacks that were done by extremist individuals that do not represent true right-wing ideology”. These statements were ignored by the media.

“Honestly, I don’t feel safe with those kinds of people living in our neighbourhood” said Kareem Ghafoor, a life-long resident of Oslo. “If right-wing ideology promotes violence then perhaps should get out of our peaceful country and go back to where they came from.”

“Why should we apologize on behalf of some stupid individual?” explained Alexander Larson, President of the Right-Wing Lobby of Europe. “We condemn violence but you cannot judge the actions of a few stupid individuals and generalize it to a whole ideology or belief system. That’s just ignorant.”

Larson has noted the increase of nonsensical comments on online blogs and articles. “The comment section are filled with atrociously anti-right-wing diatribe …it’s scary. I shake my head reading the comments of some of these people. Just so oblivious.”

Residents of Europe still felt uneasy. “You let people like that in our country and soon their right-wing ideology will start spreading” explained Ghafoor, “Next thing you know we’ll have to start accommodating them into our society. It makes me uncomfortable.”

Airports and border patrol have ramped up their security as well. Frequent airplane traveller John Stamming felt like the constant profiling was getting out of hand. “Honestly, I travel all the time and getting patted down like that unnecessarily was just wrong. It felt like a nice massage at first but it got pretty wrong, pretty fast.”

Other travellers, like Fatima Hussain feel the increased security is crucial. “Clamping down on security like this is necessary… anything to keep this country safe.”

Larson hopes that if people give followers of right-wing ideology a chance and meet them, they wouldn’t feel as uncomfortable or scared around them. “Honestly, if people just get to know us more they’d realize we are good people.”