Book the Maniac

Why is it that when we want to entertain people at Muslim events, we settle for the “meh”:

Here are your choices:
– Nasheed singers who sing like they’re in performing for a kindergarten class (Alif is awesome, Ba is bodacious!)
– Stand-up comedians who resort to lota or terrorist jokes (very original)
– Spoken word artists that you don’t really understand at all but you won’t admit it because then you’d feel dumb
– Khateebs who think their speeches are “entertaining”


Three reasons why you should consider the Maniac:

1) Not-Just-Another-Stand-Up-Comedian: If you like my articles and videos, you’ll enjoy me live. I incorporate a slideshow that have all my stupid cartoons that people seem to love. It’s stand-up with a Maniac twist.

2) I’m “Halal”: Does your board love arguing about whether they should bring Musical Act X because they have a guitar? Should they bring Comedian Dude Y because he is known to curse? Don’t worry about that stuff with me. If you’re comfortable with the stuff on this site, you should be comfortable with my stand-up.

3) I’m Canadian: Big deal, right? It is! Some of the funniest folks in the world are Canadian. Why are there so many Canadian comedians? It’s because we are sort of in-between the punchy American brand of humour and the British weird-as-hell absurdity. So I can swing both ways So I can appeal to more diverse crowds.

“Maniac Muslim performed at our MSA Eid Dinner, and he was great! His jokes were hilarious and relatable to our group of students, and the comics in his presentation made the performance memorable!”
Imman Musa, President of Saint Louis University MSA

Give your crowd something special. BOOK THE MANIAC.

I’ve performed at:
– High school MSAs
– University/college MSAs
– Banquet Dinners
– Inter-Faith Events

All across North America! I’d like to take over the world.

What are you waiting for? BOOK THE MANIAC.