Unity Products Hit Market

Written by: Hamzah Moin

Last week supermarkets received a taste of unity. Several unity products were unveiled at the local Price Chopper and consumers are ecstatic. Entrepreneur Ali Husain was quite happy to release his “ShiaPet” product. “I went to one of those unity fundraising dinners that our community holds every month and was inspired” said Husain.

“It’s something I believe Sunni Muslims could enjoy and appreciate. This ShiaPet is symbolic to the Shia community. Basically if you treat us with respect, we can grow and become quite beautiful.” explained Husain.

Not all Shias agree with Husain’s vision though. Many children from the Shia community are angered by this product.

“It sucks man,” said 11-year old Bachir, “now all my Sunni friends are chanting ‘Sh-Sh-Sh-Shia!’ It’s so stupid.”

On the other side of the fence, Mubarak Malik wanted a piece of the unity action. He introduced his Sunni Delight a day after the ShiaPet hit the markets.

“Sunni Delight is supposed to be refreshing,” Malik explained, “I think if everyone drinks Sunni Delight then the world would be a happier place.” When asked if ShiaPet and Sunni Delight were compatible he said, “Oh ShiaPets are great but I tried pouring some Sunni Delight on it and bad things happened.”

Ali Husain agreed. “ShiaPet and Sunni Delight can peacefully co-exist as long as people aren’t pouring the Sunny Delight juice on the ShiaPet. It’s symbolic.”

Sunni Delight and ShiaPet both continue to sell extremely well, despite the increase in Sunni-Shia school fights.