Zionist Translation Guide

It’s war in one of the holiest places on earth and you know what that means: online arguments are in demand!

Are you getting down-voted to oblivion in a Reddit thread?
Picking fights in the Youtube comment section?
Losing friends on Facebook?

You’re probably arguing ALL WRONG. You need to figure out if what you’re saying is offending people.

Your statement How a Zionist would hear it Conclusion
#FreePalestine #EradicateIsrael Your statement is anti-Semitic and offensive and celebrities should NOT be tweeting this.
Israel is violating international law and their occupation of Palestine is illegal Why do you Jews never follow rules? If the Jews played soccer then you'd just score the ball on your own net and claim it as a legitimate goal. Or dribble it like a basketball. Your statement is anti-Semitic and you shouldn't stereotype Jewish people and their soccer-playing abilities.
There's a crazy amount of Israeli settlers on Palestinian land… Israel should be eradicated off the face of the earth. Oh so you're saying Jews can't have their own land? It's a birthright dammit. I knew you were anti-Semitic as soon as you opened your mouth.
The casualty count is a bit lopsided. There's like bajillion dead Palestinians compared to one dead Israeli… isn't that a bit weird? One Israeli has tragically died. Looks like you got the blood of the Jewish people on your hands. You know who else had our blood on their hands? The Nazis. Look what happened to them.
I mean those Palestinian kids died on the beach… Future Hamas soldiers were killed as they trained on the beach. The way they were kicking that soccer ball around… it just reeked of terrorism.
I think Israel should be able to keep its land from the 1967 agreement. That's what was agreed upon and pretty much the only thing Palestinians want. We should colonize Mars. Then send all the Jews to Mars. Then Israel should be eradicated off the face of Mars. Oh so you're saying all Jews are aliens? That sounds a bit antisemitic.
Gaza is basically an open-air prison Thank you Israel for allowing the Gazans to breathe the open-air Hey… don't mention it. Seriously… don't ever mention it ever or else you'll be an anti-Semite.
Okay seriously. There are a ton of Jewish people who believe that whatever Israel is doing is wrong on so many levels. Self-hating Jews are joining Hamas Screw them anyway. They're anti-Semites… despite actually being Semites.
Why do you keep bringing up your Jewish faith or saying I'm anti-Semitic? I'm trying to criticize Zionism as a political ideology. Send all the Jews to space. Then let a black hole suck them all up. Then eliminate the black hole. Are you saying Jews would make bad astronauts? That's extremely prejudiced and an anti-Semitic thing to say.